The right partner for

export and import

Where and how do you find the right partner abroad? By a chance meeting at a tradeshow or a seminar? Or as the result of a recommendation or targeted search. Or in another way?

Many good articles and books cover this issue.

In this context, we are tempted to quote the famous Danish cartoonist and author Storm P., “One thing is luxury, a completely different thing is praxury!” In practice, finding the right partner abroad is almost as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.

In other words: “It is easier to talk and write about how to find the right partner than to do it.”

We have many years of expertise in assisting Danish companies by establishing sales and production in the new countries of the former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union – both as ad-hoc employees, external consultants and partners.

We have the linguistic, commercial and cultural backgrounds and experience needed to evaluate and select the right partners in these countries.

And vice versa—we can also help business people from abroad find the right partner (sub-contractor of products, know-how and services) in Denmark.